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You're so happy, you make me sick!

I was in my junior year of high school. Our yearly annuals had arrived, and everyone was scrambling to get their friends' signatures along with a little note that said something like 'Stay cool' or 'We've had so much fun this year.' Sometimes, you get a love letter--I got one from a sweet boy I didn't even know liked me! Then you get a note like Karen's.

Karen had been in my English class sophomore year, and while I didn't know her well, we'd worked together, along with a few others on a writing project. I appreciated her intelligence and dry humor that many of my peers didn't understand. But even I was surprised what she wrote in my yearbook.

"You're so happy, you make me sick."

Forty years later, and I still remember those words. I wondered if she meant them or if it was her dry humor that didn't translate well on the page. She wasn't wrong. I've always been happy for the most part, even during my teenager years. In fact, I was happy, my dad thought I was doing drugs because 'no one is that happy all the time!' I remember what I told Dad when he confronted me.

"I'm high on life!"

I truly felt that way. And the reason for that! Jesus! I came to know His saving grace the summer before I turned ten, and I've followed Him ever since. That's not to say there hasn't been times when I drifted away from Him and my faith--my middle school years as well as my early twenties were pretty rough. But He's always been there, waiting on me. Love me despite my stupid self.

Sometimes, folks look at me now and say 'she has it so easy.' I don't (but that's another story!) What I have is Jesus and He's all I need.

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