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To My Grandsons

Recently, I picked up a book called 'My Grandmother's Life' and as you can tell by the title, it's a book that ask you questions about your childhood and young adult years that you share with your grandchildren. I started it, then in the course of my usual busyness, I set it to the side.

But I really want to do this for my boys (and my daughters though they'll know some of my life.) Each week, I'm going to pick a question out of the book and share it here on my blog page. At times, it would mean baring my soul, but I've always been pretty much an open book. So here goes:

Describe, using all five senses, your favorite day with your best friend.

That's hard to do because I had tons of close friends growing up but only two of them ever came over to my house during elementary school.

Jackie Muster was my best friend in first and second grade. I remember thinking she looked like a little doll--her long hair was always pulled back in a black or blue headband and she wore the cutest plaid jumpers with a white short sleeved shirt with a Peter Pan collar. Looking back now and knowing Jackie was raised Catholic, her mom dressed her like she was going to parochial school instead of good old Hollydale! We stayed friends, even became best friends again in college and still keep in touch even now.

After Jackie moved to another school, Wanda Sanders became one of my closest friends. I loved Wanda's laugh! It was unguarded, a real belly laugh that spilled out into her huge smile and bright eyes. She was so much fun to be around. I still keep in touch with her too through Facebook.

While Jackie and I played mostly with Barbies, Wanda loved being outside. So the day before she would come over, Daddy would always cut the grass. It smelled so green and fresh the next day. We'd get off the bus in front of our house on Powder Springs Road. It was a small house in comparison with the houses of today, only two bedrooms and one bath, but it was so homey and wonderful! Grandma and Granddaddy (Thomas Wesley and Ruth Clark) lived next which made it even more special. Momma would have a snack for us---usually a couple of Oreos and a small glass of cherry Kool-Ade. Then we'd head outdoors--we had a HUGE backyard, almost an acre! My puppy, Spooky would greet us, jumping up and barking at us. We'd chase each other around the yard, then settle on the swing set.

I loved my swing set! Most days, you could find me there, singing the country songs I heard on Momma and Daddy's radio or making up stories in my head. So when Wanda came over, we were on the swings a lot, taking about what little girls talked about.

No matter who came over, we always had a great time.

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