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Living out Our Faith

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28

This is my life verse, and time and again, I’ve witnessed God use the mountains and valleys in my life to grow me as a person and in my faith. The years I’ve struggled with pain. Almost losing both of our girls at birth. Helping my grandfather through his ten-year fight with Alzheimer’s. Loneliness. Heartache.

Through each of these moments, God has showed up and showed out, and my faith has grown through it.

Earlier this year, I shared I hoped to go indie. I’d spent the last year taking classes and studying everything I could on the indie market. I’d saved money for advertising and planned to start a podcast. This was going to be the year I took control of my writing career. The sky was the limit!

Sitting on my back porch now, I’m thinking God must be having a nice chuckle over all my lofty plans. We’re now six months into the COVID pandemic with no end in sight. Riots continue in Atlanta where our youngest daughter is a frontline worker. All of that is bad enough, but during this time of isolation, I’ve realized my mother’s dementia has worsened, and my parents need me more. My husband hurt his back and now, we’ll looking at two surgeries—one for his back, another for the two large kidney stones the doctors found during testing. Needless to say, writing is the last thing on my mind!

Yet, all I can think is how God will use this for His good. He’s growing me, of that, I’m certain. Through all of this, I’ve felt a calmness I can’t explain, clinging to God rather than relying on myself. When writing does come to mind, I can’t help but think this experience will make my work (and myself!) deeper and richer, and my writing will be better for it.

Bob Goff wrote in his book, Live in Grace, Walk in Love that has stuck with me: If we can be faithful under circumstance we wouldn’t chose, people will see what our faith is all about. I want this in my life and in my writing.

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