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I Need Me Some Self-Care!

She draws on her strength and reveals that her arms are strong.

Proverbs 31:17

When I was almost thirteen, Karen Casey, my Sunday school teacher introduced introduced her class of pre-teen girls to the Proverbs 31 woman by holding a contest. Whoever could memorize and repeat this passage of scripture in class would receive a FAB-U-LOUS prize!

Being the competitive person that I am, I was determined to win. So every night for thirty minutes, I would read, then repeat as much of Proverbs 31: 10-31 as I could, correcting myself as I went along. By Saturday night, everyone in my family was sick to death of hearing about this woman, but not me. Not only had a memorized it, but this passage settled deep into my soul.

I wanted to BE this woman!

For the last fifty-nine years, I've tried to live out those words in Proverbs. Sometimes, I succeed. Other times, I fall flat on my face. All I can say is thank the Lord, He's still working on me.

Now, as I reach the halfway point of my sixty year, I've realized a big fail on my part in my becoming more like this woman. The Proverbs 31 woman is busy--she's taking care of her family and friends, reaching out to the poor, even running a small business out of her house. She cooks and sews, and knowing her, she's probably over a dozen ministries at church. But I don't see a verse that says she's complaining about being worn out or feeling like she could pull her hair out if one more thing falls on her plate. But one thing I noticed when I read through it was this verse: 'She draws on her strength and reveals that her arms are strong.' That sounds like she's been exercising! Maybe she's eating right and taking time to rest too!


Self care has never been high on my to-do list. It feels selfish to take time for myself, but I have to remember Jesus--the One I truly want to focus on--took time to Himself, to pray and to sleep. He allowed others to bath His head in fragrant oils and wash His feet. If Christ is the focus point of my life and I'm to truly follow Him, isn't caring for myself as important as caring for others?

So I've implemented some changes. I started walking and stretching again as well as weight-lifting. I joined Weight Watchers(though truth be told, I've been paying for WW for three months now--I just started using it.) I've given up Cokes and switched to iced tea and water. I've blocked off certain times in the week to just read or binge-watch some HGTV with Danny.

Because how can I do what God has called me to do if I don't take care of myself?

I'm not going to lie--this won't be easy. But as I read in my devotions today, sometimes you have to go through a rough patch so you can come out stronger on the other side.

Y'all pray for me!

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