• Patty Smith Hall

Sometimes, the day just doesn't go as planned.

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

You've got your schedule figured out. You're all set to get things done. Then life interrupts and changed your plans.

I hate when I plan out my day and it unravels on me. Like today. I settled in to write around 10:30 this morning, knowing I'd already straightened the house, gone for my walk and answered my emails. Yet, as I got started, I had a difficult time keeping my backside in a chair!

My back decided to vie for my attention today. First, it was a few pangs, then my whole rump (yes, as in a rump roast) became sore. So off I go to stick my TENS unit to my spine and take a muscle relaxer.

Both worked--a little TOO much. I managed to get 1000 words down in my new manuscript before I nodded off. And really, is it a waste when you're napping on the back porch with the fan blowing and the bees buzzing around you?

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