• Patty Smith Hall

Blessings in the Mist of Sorrow

It has been a wild ride at the Hall house these past few months. It feels like someone threw the kitchen sink at us between two bouts of COVID, surgeries and my mom's declining health. But God is good, and even in the moments of despair, we receive His rich blessings.

Like my mom. She suffers from dementia but recently started having hallucinations. Terrible, yes, but even in this new heartache, there's joy. A few weeks ago, she was making hamburgers when Daddy noticed she'd made seven patties. There's only three of them in the house so he was curious about the other burgers.

"Who are all those hamburgers for?" He asked.

"Well." Mom flipped a patty. "Two are for you, one for me, one for Rose. Jack said he could eat two, and Jimmy being so little can only eat one."

"Jack and Jimmy are here?"

She nodded. "They came by to visit so I asked them to stay for supper."

The thing is both Jack and Jimmy, two of Mom's brothers, died over forty years ago. Jack was fourteen when he died of alcohol poisoning in July of 1973 while Jimmy was barely two when he was killed in a car accident in 1954. Yet, Mom had seen them, been able to visit with them and it made her happy.

While I'm heartbroken by this decline in her condition, a part of me can't help but be happy for her. Her brothers meant the world to her, and the pain of their loss is something she lives with even now. But to me, their 'visit' was a gift, a glimpse of those Mom will be reunited with in heaven. A blessings in the mist of sorrow.

And I can praise God for that.

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