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Love as Sweet as Southern Iced Tea
Welcome to the Old South where hospitality is king and charm is queen. Can lasting love be found here amidst chaotic life challenges?
Hometown Bride 
Marietta, Georgia—1870
Jilly Chastain never lied, but when her mother fabricates a marriage with her childhood sweetheart, Grayson Hancock, Jilly goes along with it, never expecting Grayson to show up, ready to make their make-believe marriage real.
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The Underground Railroad Brides Collecti

The Underground Railroad Bride Collection


Join the journey as nine couples work along the Underground Railroad between 1849 and 1860, determined to bring freedom and justice to all. There is hope for the future when people come together to fight evil, and when men and women find love in the midst of great challenges.


A Place of Refuge


Underground conductor Hudson Wallace is surprised when Jorgine Emerson asks for his help to transport her slaves to freedom, but is it a trap? Can Jorgine's deep convictions win Hudson over?


The Captive Bride Collection

Journey along as nine historical women are about to make their escape from some of life’s greatest challenges. Can their captive hearts be freed to dream, to dare, to love?

Through Stormy Waters

Deported to the British colonies for her father’s crimes, Charlotte Singleton helps Captain John Randall when an epidemic breaks out on his ship. Can two battered hearts find love in the midst of a storm?





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Courting Doctor Clark


Dr. Joshua McClain is heading west but first stops in Hillsdale, Michigan, to break the marriage contract his late mother arranged between him and Katie Clark. Years ago, Katie left him behind in Charleston after the tragic death of her mother. But after a train crash, he comes face-to-face with Dr. Kathleen Clark, his childhood friend all grown up. 

When Josh shows up in town, claiming they're betrothed, Katie refuses to consider an arranged marriage. She'll marry for love or not at all. Besides, he's headed for Kansas Territory; her practice is here in Hillsdale. Then why are they both finding it hard to break their betrothal and say goodbye?